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Beep Baseball

What is Beep Baseball?

Beep baseball is similar to America’s favorite pastime but adapted for the blind or visually impaired.  Some of the game differences include:

  • There are only two bases; first and third. The bases are four feet tall padded columns that emit a buzzing sound. Batters run toward the buzzing base after the ball is hit.

  • The catcher and pitcher are both sighted and on the batter’s team.

  • Teams are made up of six blind or visually impaired players. With the exceptions of the pitcher, catcher, and spotters, all players wear blindfolds to eliminate any advantage players with some remaining vision may have.

  • The outfield is divided into six different zones.  There is one defensive player assigned to each zone.

  • The team on defense has two sighted spotters to assist them. The spotters will call out a zone numbers to indicate the direction the ball is traveling once hit.

  • A run is scored if the batter reached the base before the fielder can retrieve and show control of the ball.

  • Games consist of six innings with four strikes per batter.

  • Games typically last approximately 90 minutes.

Go to the Calendar to see the current practice schedule.

How To Get Involved

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Want to experience the freedom of

playing baseball?

Register to play with us

Little League Team Hands In


To field a successful team, we need dedicated individuals to serve as pitchers, catchers, coaches, base control, spotters, and help with general team logistics.

If interested in volunteering, please register to get the process started.

US Dollars


As you can imagine, a specialized sport has specialized requirements. Be it equipment, uniforms, travel costs, etc... funding is always needed to make it all happen. 

Whether you are a business  interested a corporate sponsorship or an individual interested in a donation to the general fund, we are grateful for it all.

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