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It all began with a park and the inability of one mom to enjoy the outdoor setting with her autistic son. That one mom began to dream of a place where children and adults with disabilities could be free and enjoy life and sport just as anyone else might and a place where differences are celebrated and not singled out. The disABILITY Sports Foundation developed out of love and devotion to one child but grew into much more. The goal of the disABILITY Sports Foundation is to create a place specifically designed and dedicated to differently-abled individuals and their families to play, compete and enjoy without obstacles or the fear of bullying, ridicule, or judgement. A place where difference and quirkiness are embraced.  

DSF is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Temecula, California with a goal of bringing more adaptive sports to the area they serve. Sports and physical activity have been proven to provide both physical and mental health benefits to those that participate. Adaptive sports are especially beneficial to individuals living with a disability. The DSF believes that everyone can play, so are working to break down the barriers and get people off the sidelines and into the game.

Ultimately, the DSF aims to build a sports and recreation complex specifically designed to accommodate the requirements of the local special needs community. The proposed complex will cover a 5+ acre area in the Inland Empire of Southern California comprised of various sports fields/courts, among other specially designed accommodations. The membership-based complex will provide low cost memberships exclusively to special needs individuals and their families and managed by a volunteer board of directors.

Running Pair
Family Smiling


Promote fun, friendship, and sport in a safe, understanding
environment accessible to individuals with disabilities and their


The disABILITY Sports Foundation seeks to enrich the lives of
individuals living with disabilities and their families within Southern California and improve their health and wellbeing through the benefits of sports and recreation.

Baseball bat and ball sitting on bench at a baseball field


Our long term goal is to build a sports and recreation complex that is designed and adapted to fit the needs of our clients and their families. The current plan includes multiple sports fields, playground and splash pad, gymnasium, track, locker rooms and offices.

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